Digital Media Clubs

We have contracted with the Cedar Falls and Waterloo Public Libraries to tutor young students on digital media projects.
A Digital Media Club is a group of 2-5 people wanting to learn a specific digital media skill, like Photoshop, Animation, or Web Development.  We help people of all ages create and invent with digital tools, and ultimately become more digitally savvy.
We have 4 Digital Media Clubs currently organized (with about 5 kids each).  You earn $15/hr if you want to take on a club.  You can always pair up and split the money, or divide up the semester with other .dc tutors
Projects might include: 
  • A collage of family photos for a parent, relative, or friend
  •  A written story that we help you record, animate (e.g., your own drawings—either digital or hand-drawn), put to music, and upload to YouTube
  • A digitally-designed photobook using
  • Any kind of video project
  • An iPod app
  • A website (WordPress, Drupal, Dreamweaver)
  • A set of character animations for videogames or movies using Blender animation software