Spring Schedule

JOIN US FOR A MEETING! All meetings will be held in the Digital Media Hub of Rod Library, every MONDAY AT 6:00PM! 
Color Key: Purple=events, Blue=links
JAN 13: Delegate industry podcast, discuss t-shirt design and purchase, and choose main semester field trip/event.
JAN 27: Introduce Video Challenge #1 project and vote on main semester field trip/event.
JAN 31/FEB 1: Cedar Valley Bar Camp
FEB. 3: Trend Talk: Watch industry podcast and work on Video Challenge #1 projects.
FEB. 6: TechBrew
FEB. 10: Work on Eyes of the Panther video (brainstorm & write copy). Vote on t-shirt design.
FEB. 17: Work on Eyes of the Panther video (shoot video).
FEB 20: UNI Career Fair
FEB 21: AAF ADDY Awards
FEB 24: Finish up Eyes of the Panther video (edit video).
FEB 26: Make T-shirts with the Grafx Club at 3:00 in the Industrial Tech Building.
MARCH 3: Speaker-David O’Sheilds: Lighting Presentation
MARCH 10: Speaker-Zach Everman: Camera Rig Presentation
MARCH 24: Trend Talk: Watch industry podcast, and assign new industry podcast.
MARCH 31: Discuss trip/agency hop in April.
APRIL 7: Speaker-Trace Steffen: Kyoger Media
APRIL 8: Speaker-Steven Johnson. 7:00pm Commons Ballroom
APRIL 14: Trend Talk: watch industry podcast.
APRIL 21: Main field trip/event.
APRIL 28: Vote on new officers, discuss new Drupal .dc website.