Podcast Questions & Tips


A:  What do you do during a typical day? (What do you go through in a day in the life of your job?)
B. What do students NEED TO KNOW in order to be ready to work in a firm like yours?
C. What is a current project you’re working on that is exciting and trendsetting? (What kinds of software/techniques did you use?)
D. What are the most cutting edge digital trends that are transforming your business?


Podcast Shooting Tips :

1. Begin by taking a shot of the exterior of the building.
2. Bring a tripod, or hold camera very VERY steady. (Tripod is always prefereable)
3. Shoot people so they have about 1-inch of headroom.
4. Shoot people so the camera is not looking down at them or up at them:  shoot as STRAIGHT on as possible.
5. Think about background:  depth is always important so think about having lots of depth in the shot…you don’t have to interview someone in a secluded room: it’s best for viewers to see a wide shot with interesting activity behind the person being interviewed.  Don’t interview them against a boring wall.
6. Bring the camera close to the speaker, and shoot with a wide angle (that is, stay away from the zoom).